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May 20th, Platform-Scenography organizes a workshop on the theme of Expanding Scenography, in collaboration with SPRING Performing Arts Festival and Utrecht University (Centre for the Humanities and Theatre Studies).
Scenography or performance design rapidly gain attention as a transdisciplinary practice and expertise with a huge expanding potential. Scenography is not only to be found in the theatre, but equally in our homes, in public spaces and shopping areas, in urban planning, advertising, or projects that seek to raise ecological awareness.
The aim of the workshop is a collaborative exchange on expanding scenography, in relation to scenographic practices in the Netherlands. If scenography expands towards other domains of life (beyond the theatre) then what do we qualify as scenographic in the expanded field, and what characterizes scenography as a specific perspective, distinct to other types of design?

Our special guest will be Prof. Dorita Hannah, who is a Research Professor in Interdisciplinary Architecture, Arts and Design at the Tasmanian College of the Arts. Prof. Hannah is Centre for the Humanities SPRING Festival Fellow 2017, a fellowship generously sponsored by the Centre for the Humanities at Utrecht University.
Following the workshop, there is the opportunity to visit Bouchra Ouizguen’s performance Corbeaux at 16.00hrs in Kanaleneiland (Utrecht). This is a performance in public space, no reservations required. At 17.00hrs, Dorita Hannah will give a response to this performance during SPRING’s Artist Talk. Furthermore, it is also possible to attend the City Symposium on Friday 19th of May, where Dorita Hannah delivers a keynote lecture on critical design, followed by several responses on topics that equally relate to the theme of expanding scenography. For more information, see

The workshop will be in English. Participation in this workshop is free but reservation is required – also because there are limited spaces available; we can host up to 15 people.
Participants will be asked to read a short text prior to the workshop and respond to this text by either sending an image, picture, drawing or quote.
For reservations, please send an e-mail to reserveer[at]




Expanding Scenography





13:00 - 15:00

Het Huis, Utrecht,

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