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‘The future is dark, with a darkness as much of the womb as the grave. (...)’ Rebecca Solnit, Looking into Darkness

Platform Scenography is an analogue and digital network by and for scenographers which immerses itself in scenographic thinking and working


P-S regards scenography in the broadest sense of the word: space, costume, lighting/projection, sound in the theatre and other (design) disciplines like film, (landscape) architecture, the design of public space, interactional design and visual arts in which performance plays a role.


Via encounters, cross pollination and confrontations we are in search of a specific language. A language which allows us to describe, discuss and analyze the scenographic practice in a better way than before. If you have a point you want to bring up or ideas you’d like to express, you’re welcome to add it to the agenda.

Between Realities is an operation that aims at exploring public space from the perspective of scenography.

Curators The Netherlands PQ 2015

Time for space

Without an agenda, we take time to meet each other and talk about topics related to scenography in the broadest sense. We welcome guests to join.

Between Realities

P-S wass the curator of the Dutch national entry for the Prague Quadrennial 2015. Come with us to Czechia!


Theatre is all about looking. We want to talk about what we see and what it induces: the effect of the subject.


Do you want to present your work on this site? That’s possible.


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