PQ23 en Podium Atmospheres

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  • januari 8, 2023
photo: First meeting with a community of makers, Watdajel, Bilthoven. June 2022


Dit jaar is er weer een Praagse Quadriennale. De wereldtentoonstelling scenografie wordt gehouden van 8 – 18 juni. Meer informatie via de site https://pq.cz/


First meeting with a community of makers, Watdajel, Bilthoven. June 2022

Podium Atmospheres is een jong gezelschap van scenografen en theatermakers. Zij nodigen andere (jonge) makers uit om gezamenlijk een ontmoetingsplek op de PQ te maken en te programmeren.

As curators of the Dutch entry to PQ2023, we, Podium Atmospheres, represent Dutch Scenography to the global public. For us, Dutch scenography is an interdisciplinary practice where making and thinking are at the intersection of performativity and design.

Our mission is to allow upcoming makers to share their unique signatures within a methodology of experimentation and collaboration. In meeting these makers, we determine a structure for what/who will be at the PQ in June.

These collaborative meetings speak to our ultimate goal: to develop and grow a network of makers, sharing work, methods, experiences, and efforts. Platformy-Scenography generously thinks alongside us in tandem as we venture to find what the growing community will be moving forward.

The PQ is a step along the way to connecting like-minded scenographers of yesterday and tomorrow.

Meer informatie of interesse, mail dan naar podium.atmospheres@gmail.com


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